Proprietary Bidding Algorithm

In a nut shell - The SI algorithm looks at all aspects of a paid search, social, YouTube and display campaigns and maximizes for profitability. Profitability in this description is not limited to dollars, but instead speaks to campaign key performance indicators, such as CPC/CPM, CPA, ROAS, SIS or POS (see below). By measuring statistical significance on data sets, this bidding algorithm is able to take the guessing out of manual bidding and allows for unimpeded growth.

  • CPC - Cost per Click (click basis for traffic)
  • CPM - Cost per Thousand Impressions (impression basis for eyeballs)
  • CPA - Cost per Acquisition (action basis for sales/leads)
  • ROAS - return on Ad Spend (profitability basis for return on investment)
  • SIS - Search Impression Share (Impression/market share basis for maximum clicks/impressions)
  • POS - Average Position (placement basis for eyeballs/clicks)

  • Uses confidence levels by comparing full date ranges of 7, 14, 30, 45, 60 and 90 days
  • Tracks the day of the week and adjust bids programmatically based on previous data by comparing custom calculated performance levels
  • Allows for performance goals to be set at granular levels (i.e. account, campaign, keyword, ad)
  • Tailored towards industry/organization goals vs. generic standards
  • Accounts for seasonality and high/low traffic periods
  • Troubleshoots campaigns for potential errors
Being in the eCommerce industry for 10 years, we realized how important bidding is and that tweaks and testing are instrumental in the success of any campaign. With digital channels growing every day, our time was being pulled in every direction, decreasing the amount of time we had for campaign optimizations through bidding techniques. Long story short, either something was compromised, or we developed a solution to the problem - the bidding algorithm: an automated system that is tailored to an organizations goals, is scalable and is always adapting.
Although originally designed for paid search and eCommerce, the algorithm from SI has grown to be so much more. Defined as industry agnostic, this algorithm attaches onto any type of search, display, video, or paid social campaign. From insurance to healthcare to government to retail, this algorithm has proven successful.

The maximizing profitability theory holds true to any organization and thus can be used by anyone running the four mentioned mediums.


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Display Advertising
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